Now the word “ritual” may seem scary because it seems shrouded in mystery and secrets.  Why?  Why is ritual such a scary thing?  Everyday every person in the world takes part in their daily ritual.  For some it may include waking up, brushing their teeth, and going to work/class, while for others it may consist of working out, buying a coffee, and reading emails.  This kind of ritual doesn’t seem too important, yet you show it everyday.  Why shouldn’t the ritual of a fraternity be as common to see?

Members of Pi Lambda Phi are proud that they are able to take what we teach in our Ritual and make it a cornerstone of our everyday ritual.  We don’t just hide the manuscripts of our Ritual and bring them out when they are needed.  We live the values that we teach in our Ritual.

The Ritual of Pi Lambda Phi consists of 6 Values.  Scholarship, Leadership, Finance, Obediance (Committment), Character, and Equality.  This is our Ritual, that as a brother of Pi Lam are seen in our daily ritual.  But, what do these words mean?  Without context, these seem like everyday words.

Scholarship – A member of Pi Lambda Phi is committed to a lifelong goal of learning.  Education does not stop after your undergraduate period or even your graduate studies, but rather your educational journey never ends.

Leadership – A member of Pi Lambda Phi is willing to take on challenges and take initiative and responsibility over a task.  These tasks can be as simple as emailing people about an event, or as complex as organizing an event.  Though your growth in Pi Lambda Phi, your skills as a leader will grow and flourish.  Even if you think that you lack leadership skills, you can find that taking part in simple leadership roles can help you develop that skill and grow.

Finance – Finance does not necessarily mean money, but it more looks into how a member of Pi Lambda Phi invests his resources.  As a Pi Lambda Phi member it our hope that the relationships built and the time spent lead towards the betterment of your development.

Obediance (Commitment) – This refers to a member’s commitment to Pi Lambda Phi as well as the commitment to himself, fellow members, as well as others outside of Pi Lambda Phi.  Commitment means that you hold to your word and will do what you said.

Character – A member of Pi Lambda Phi is a man of character.  This means that he will always be a gentleman and is willing to give back to his community.

Equality – Pi Lambda Phi was the first nonsectarian fraternity and this value holds true.  Members of Pi Lambda Phi believe that everyone has equality and that everyone should have the opportunity to join whatever fraternity they wish.

Each of these characteristics are seen in the actions of the brothers of Pi Lambda Phi.  As members, we do not expect perfection in all categories, but rather to live the values we can and assist others in the values that they struggle.  Even though you may not be the best leader or if you struggle with time management (finance), Pi Lambda Phi still may be for you as we can help you grow to your potential.

No brother in Pi Lambda Phi entered as a pinnacle of all these values, but the relationships built with the brothers allow you to develop these values and to incorporate them into your daily ritual.