My name is Ryan Nied, I am a senior Exercise Science major in my first year of Carroll’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program, and I am a part of my chapter’s Gamma class. This coming year I am looking forward to excelling in my Physical Therapy courses as a first-year graduate student, and I am also looking forward to serving my chapter as our Vice President of Finance for this academic semester! Specifically for my role as VP of Finance, I am looking forward to creating streamlined processes that simplify receiving, and paying out, the chapter’s finances; hopefully I can create a system that is easy to follow, implement, and utilize for years to come!

Something to know about me is that my favorite sports teams are all Chicago sports teams (except for the White Sox and Fire), and I love long runs in the park (as well as long walks along the beach, of course). Also, helping other people is my life’s passion which is why I am so excited for my field that I have chosen with my education. I look forward to being able to help others through my role as a Physical Therapist. Finally, everyone should also know that I am really busy, so if it seems like I’m distant or not interested, just reach out to me and let me know and I will do my best to remedy the situation!11922848_1025443257496113_2474492104214898860_o