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Not Four Years, But A Lifetime

Meet Our VP of Communications


My name is Jacob Lee and I joined Pi Lambda Phi in the the Spring of 2015.  I have also served as VP of Recruitment for the Chapter.  I came to Carroll as a Marine Biology Major, but then switched to just Biology.  My favorite hobbies include singing, fishing, and dancing.  One interesting thing about me is that I have seen The Office literally 30 times. This year I want to take our social media to the next level and create an amazing transition guide.


Meet Our VP of Finance


Hey there, my name is Doren Schaefer and I’m holding the position of VP of finance this time around. I’m currently in my second year of pursuing a master’s degree in computer science and my second year of being a brother in the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity. I am a member of the Iota class and took up VP of finance last semester as interim. My campus involvement extends beyond PiLam with me being on both the exec of psych club and the Phonathon team for my campus job, but PiLam is undoubtedly a very large and beneficial part of my life. Between seeing the smiling faces of those around when my brothers and I volunteer, the sense of accomplishment at 3 am when I finally debug my program, and the great laughs and delight had at the many events PiLam holds on our Carroll campus, I’ve definitely enjoyed and still have much to look and work towards.

It’s a busy semester and I’ve got a large checklist, but I’m working steady and see great opportunity for myself and the fraternity I hope to benefit and assist in making the world a better place. I’m certain that the same sense of organization that I’m developing in my computer programming classes, will prove effective in generating better ways to keep track of and streamline the processes and projects we undertake as a fraternity.

Meet Our VP of Recruitment

My name is Cody Bentley, and I am a writing major with an english minor who is aspiring to become a best-selling novelist. I joined pilam in the fall of 2012 because our philanthropy, the Elimination of Prejudice, inspired me to want to devote myself to helping those around me.

While in this organization I have served in many positions, including VP of Risk Management & Programming, and VP of Recruitment. This term as VP of Recruitment I would like to see us push ourselves socially and really get our name out there as an organization. In the fall I believe we will be bringing in a class size of somewhere between 15 and 20 people by pushing our values throughout the recruitment process, and making philanthropy a priority during the bidding period.
All in all, I look forward to seeing the great things we as a chapter can do, and the great men we will be bringing in, and hope to see us thrive under my leadership.

writing major with an english minor who is aspiring to become a best-selling novelist. I joined pilam in the fall of 2012 because our philanthropy, the Elimination of Prejudice, inspired me to want to devote myself to helping those around me.

Meet Our VP of Risk Management


My name is Bryce Pierson and I am a junior and I was initiated in the Fall of 2016 as part of our Lambda class. I am currently serving as the Vice President of Risk Management. I look forward to helping further connect our chapter to the community this semester, as well as getting more involved with greek life on campus!

I am a political science major with a double minor in criminal justice and sociology. After Carroll, I plan on continuing my education studying law. Outside of academics, I am also a member of the Men’s cross country and track and field teams and in the summer I race triathlons. While I am a loyal Packers and Brewers fan, my favorite sports team are the San Antonio Spurs.


Meet our New VP Education


Hey, my name is David, and my favorite things to do are hang out with friends, take long walks by the beach and watch the sunset, and watch sports. My favorite football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. GO STEELERS! The best vacation I’ve had is when I drove all the way to Maine and got to see Niagra Falls and all the Great Lakes. Green is my favorite color, but blue is up there as well. I’ve held a few positions in my time as a Pilam. I have been Vice President of Risk Management and am currently Vice President of Education. I hope to educate New Members and reteach Brothers our values and basis of why we were formed as a fraternity.

Meet Our New President


My name is Ernie Steinz, I am a Junior Criminal Justice and Political Science double major. I enjoy cooking, sports related things, and straight chilling. I am a di hard Green Bay Packers and St. Louis Cardinals fan. I enjoy spending quality time with my girlfriend, when we have any little bit of free time. I also enjoy just hanging out and making jokes with brothers. I was Vice President of Risk Management last semester and before that held the brotherhood chair. As Rex I am really looking to help put our best foot forward and leave the chapter, next year when I graduate, in a lot better spot than when I came in, not saying it was in a bad spot prior. I want to motivate my executive council to do the best they can in their positions. I, as well, am hoping we can charter before I leave office next semester!


Meet our VP of Education

My name is Sam Simpson and I am a Senior History major at Carroll University. I joined Pi Lambda Phi back in the Spring of 2013 where I was the first member of the Delta class and elected their class president. Since then I have had the opportunity to serve as the Prolocutor (VP of Recruitment) and the Archon (VP of Education and Development).

This year is big for me. I will spend a large amount of time figuring out what I do after I graduate. The idea of going into Law or Student Affairs, perhaps even some combination of the two, is currently running through my mind. Only time will reveal the answer. The part that I am most looking forward to is the end of First semester. After serving on Exec for our chapter for two years, I will get to hand the reigns off to the next generation of Carroll Pilams. It is both a little scary and incredibly exciting to think about it – I am confident they will all do great things for this chapter.Pio Pete Selfie

Meet our VP of Finance!

My name is Ryan Nied, I am a senior Exercise Science major in my first year of Carroll’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program, and I am a part of my chapter’s Gamma class. This coming year I am looking forward to excelling in my Physical Therapy courses as a first-year graduate student, and I am also looking forward to serving my chapter as our Vice President of Finance for this academic semester! Specifically for my role as VP of Finance, I am looking forward to creating streamlined processes that simplify receiving, and paying out, the chapter’s finances; hopefully I can create a system that is easy to follow, implement, and utilize for years to come!

Something to know about me is that my favorite sports teams are all Chicago sports teams (except for the White Sox and Fire), and I love long runs in the park (as well as long walks along the beach, of course). Also, helping other people is my life’s passion which is why I am so excited for my field that I have chosen with my education. I look forward to being able to help others through my role as a Physical Therapist. Finally, everyone should also know that I am really busy, so if it seems like I’m distant or not interested, just reach out to me and let me know and I will do my best to remedy the situation!11922848_1025443257496113_2474492104214898860_o

Meet our VP of Risk Management!

Meet Alex Sperry, our VP of Risk Management.  Sperry is a member of our Eta class and is studying Biochemistry and Operational Leadership.  He is a junior and this is his second year as a RA.  He loves working in Student Affairs so much that he has changed his major to pursue this occupation.  He is excited for initiating many new brothers this year and to become fully chartered.

Alex Sperry

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