Pi Lambda Phi WI Chi Upsilon Chapter

Not Four Years, But A Lifetime

Meet our VP of Education

My name is Sam Simpson and I am a Senior History major at Carroll University. I joined Pi Lambda Phi back in the Spring of 2013 where I was the first member of the Delta class and elected their class president. Since then I have had the opportunity to serve as the Prolocutor (VP of Recruitment) and the Archon (VP of Education and Development).

This year is big for me. I will spend a large amount of time figuring out what I do after I graduate. The idea of going into Law or Student Affairs, perhaps even some combination of the two, is currently running through my mind. Only time will reveal the answer. The part that I am most looking forward to is the end of First semester. After serving on Exec for our chapter for two years, I will get to hand the reigns off to the next generation of Carroll Pilams. It is both a little scary and incredibly exciting to think about it – I am confident they will all do great things for this chapter.Pio Pete Selfie

Meet our VP of Finance!

My name is Ryan Nied, I am a senior Exercise Science major in my first year of Carroll’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program, and I am a part of my chapter’s Gamma class. This coming year I am looking forward to excelling in my Physical Therapy courses as a first-year graduate student, and I am also looking forward to serving my chapter as our Vice President of Finance for this academic semester! Specifically for my role as VP of Finance, I am looking forward to creating streamlined processes that simplify receiving, and paying out, the chapter’s finances; hopefully I can create a system that is easy to follow, implement, and utilize for years to come!

Something to know about me is that my favorite sports teams are all Chicago sports teams (except for the White Sox and Fire), and I love long runs in the park (as well as long walks along the beach, of course). Also, helping other people is my life’s passion which is why I am so excited for my field that I have chosen with my education. I look forward to being able to help others through my role as a Physical Therapist. Finally, everyone should also know that I am really busy, so if it seems like I’m distant or not interested, just reach out to me and let me know and I will do my best to remedy the situation!11922848_1025443257496113_2474492104214898860_o

Meet our VP of Risk Management!

Meet Alex Sperry, our VP of Risk Management.  Sperry is a member of our Eta class and is studying Biochemistry and Operational Leadership.  He is a junior and this is his second year as a RA.  He loves working in Student Affairs so much that he has changed his major to pursue this occupation.  He is excited for initiating many new brothers this year and to become fully chartered.

Alex Sperry

Meet Our VP of Communications!

Hello everyone, my name is Alex Hackbarth and I am the VP of Communications in our chapter. This is my second semester on exec for Pilam and I plan on running again for exec in the next election. I am part of our Zeta class with junior standing at Carroll. I am studying Psychology with a minor in Business and Leadership, debating on getting a minor in Sociology. I am involved with a plethora of things around campus. I am the President of Psychology Club, Student Affairs Chair in our student government, I am trained to be on the Carroll Conduct Board and participate in the Latin American Student Organization (LASO) and Students of Cultural Knowledge (SOCK). I am also a first year Resident Assistant (RA) this year. I will end on a good note, something that I am excited about this coming year is getting to know the floor I manage. I love helping people and being there for others if they need someone to talk to. So that is me in a nutshell. Stay tuned to get to know the other exec members!Alex

Long Time No See!

Hello wonderful people who decide to view this blog.  It has been quite some time since this blog has been updated, but have no fear, Alex is here!  My name is Alex H. and I am the current Communications Chair.  I will be trying my best to keep this blog updated as possible so you all can stay in the loop.  So stay tuned for some updates on our organization.

Pi Lambda Phi Graduates 2013

As the spring semester ends, the WI Chi Upsilon will welcome 4 new alumni.  Mike Zanotelli (Founding President/Rex), David Bicanic (Founding VP/Archon), Andrew Noffke (Founding Secretary/Scribe), and TJ Diercks (Founding Father) will be graduating from Carroll.  While plans for the four graduates are unknown they have all been fantastic Pi Lambda Phi brothers and will be missed.  Though they may be leaving Carroll, they still remains our brothers, not for four years, but a lifetime.

Rise Above Bullying

As the school year came to a close, the men of Pi Lambda Phi held an event known as “Rise Above Bullying”.  This event was a way for Carroll’s students to address how they’ve been bullied or how others have been bullied.  Students were encouraged to make a donation to support the Elimination of Prejudice organization to get a lantern that they could write words that have offended them or sentiments to those whom have endured bullying.

Spring Recruitment Brings 7 New Members

With the Spring semester in full swing the chapter has found six new members to begin the path to brotherhood.

Pictured (Left to Right)

Back Row: Andy Martinez, Egan Harvey
Middle Row: Austin Harris, Max Gehrmann
Front Row: Sam Kramer, Sam Simpson
Not Pictured: Danny Drzewiecki

WI Chi Upsilon Initiates 5 Members to the Brotherhood

On Saturday, January 19, 2013 the chapter initiated 5 new brothers to the chapter.  This addition brings the active brotherhood total to 15 brothers.  Upon their initiation they will start recruitment of new members to join the brotherhood as well.

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